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Our state-of-the-art facilities at our 15-acre site in Sydney’s St Mary’s have been designed to produce the highest quality product, efficiently, confidentially and safely. And we do more than simply supply the product, we can handle everything from product development and testing through to repackaging, warehousing and Quality Assurance release for supply services.

We’ll work with you to find a solution to your production requirements, and because we’re flexible and completely independent we can often help when others can’t.

Our additional laboratory services include in-process product testing, product stability, method validation and product improvement services on-site in two fully equipped laboratories that employ 12 staff.



  • The animal health production facilities are located on a purpose built, APVMA accredited, GMP site. The plant is separated between:
    • internals (endoparasiticide)
    • externals (ectoparasiticide) products
      (raw material warehouse in between)
    • Vetlab’s dispensary, which operates under clean room conditions, is used to dispense all formulations prior to production


  • Manufacture and pack endoparasiticide and ectoparasiticide liquid formulations
  • Products are packed in sizes ranging from 50mL to 1000L


(Endoparasiticide) Plant

  • The internals liquids plant consists of 6 clean rooms with controlled air environment and a ring main system for purified water distribution. The facility is designed with an upper floor for formulation with packaging on the lower floor
  • Packaging & Labelling
    • The packaging of the liquid products takes place in the cubicles on the ground floor through automatic weigh fillers plus the ancilliary equipment for heat shrinking, induction sealing, ink jet-coding and cap tightening
    • All packaging items are labelled under separate supervision in a central labelling area for animal health products
    • Vetlab also offers repacking and relabelling services


(Ectoparasiticide) Plant

  • This consists of one segregated area with manufacturing on the top floor and packaging on the ground floor
  • This plant houses 4 blending vessels, each with equivalent capacity stirred storage vessels


  • Three powder processing plants with Nauta mixers, Arenco’s, ribbon blenders and hammer mills
  • First powder plant dedicated to animal health antibiotic powders
  • Second powder plant dedicated to animal feed additive, premix formulations
  • Third powder plant available for general animal health powder formulations


  • Vetlab’s APVMA GMP licence permits us to provide repacking and relabelling services for Category 2, 3 and 4 animal health products
  • All repacking is completed within the relevant GMP clean room


  • Modern Laboratories employing a team of 12 people
  • The Quality Control laboratory is equipped with a wide range of instruments capable of most chemical testing including chromatography, spectrometry and conventional wet methods
  • Laboratory equipment consisting of:
    • 14 x HPLCs
    • 1 x FTIR
    • 2 x GC
    • 1 x laser coulter counter
    • 1 x UV-Vis Spectrometer
    • viscosity, moisture, potentiometric titration and pH measuring equipment
  • Pilot equipment including vessels, nauter mixer, bead mills, an extrusion basket granulator and fluid bed dryer
  • Formulation and analytical method development and validation
  • Pilot batch manufacture
  • Support product registrations
  • Product improvement development work
  • Stability Services


  • The Vetlab Supply Chain team includes a team of 5 professionals dedicated to offering our customers full procurement services including sourcing and purchasing raw materials, packaging and printed material


  • The Vetlab facility is part of a 15 acre site with ample warehousing space available to store customer materials and Finished Goods

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