After 25 successful years manufacturing Category 2 and 3 animal health products, we found increasing demand from our customers for quality Sterile (Category 1), Australian-made products.

In 2016, we decided to take the challenge and began construction on a new, start-of-the-art contract manufacturing facility dedicated to Sterile animal health products. With the ability to fill vials, pillow packs or infusion bags, ranging in size from 1mL to 1 litre, our facility has been designed for maximum flexibility to process different products simultaneously.

Production at Vetlab Sterile commenced in June 2018.


Quality is the number one priority of Vetlab Sterile. The facility was built to meet the highest cGMP and TGA standards and we use the latest technology with our automated steam and hot water autoclave, depyrogenation oven and both Highly Purified Water and Water for Injection systems. Continuous CCTV monitoring of processes also gives our customers peace of mind that every step of manufacturing is traceable.

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